It is an enzyme boom

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Everywhere full Kind regards also of enzyme advertising.
Enzyme definitely because it has been much taken up an enzyme I would needed to beauty and diet.

Here it is before it becomes boom until ago but three years, you may have participated in enzyme fasting and yoga training camp.
In the Kujukuri in Chiba Prefecture, in the event of a yoga classroom organizers that I attend.

Since the number of participants, such about 10 people at the Max, I have small but
than anyone who has participated in only reason Toka want quite everyone, just skinny
is people who want to reset something there were many.

In, single enzyme drink that was immediately passed to participate.
Please drink is divided it into two days.
Stomach hungry Once you're good also be licking a spoon with yo.

Passed enzyme drinks, but there was a little habit, in the sweet taste
a little hungry and licking when hungry was suppressed.

The first place it is understood I good for the body I enzyme, but
I might not really well known.

We looked at that.

The enzyme ...
An element must-have in order to live the enzyme.
In the nutrition that we learned in school, the enzyme did not come out. Carbohydrate, protein, we learned the three major nutrients of fat. Then, but also for carbohydrates, and that in it alone is not well metabolism as energy, vitamins, and became involved minerals five major nutrients. And further, because you is not digested in the body, thus far dietary fiber that has been overlooked has been added to the sixth.
Of course, these nutrients are also important. However, than vitamins and minerals, it is something more important enzyme in maintaining our life. It will be reminded of that the digestive enzyme hear an enzyme, but the enzyme is not only to digest and absorb what you eat, you can breathe, it is a nutrient required for the move the muscle series of life activity. And vitamins and minerals as well it does not work well if there is no enzyme. The number of enzymes that are now found is 3000 type. Weakness of the enzyme is a place vulnerable to heat. Recently, an increasing number of people to take enzyme supplements, but the enzyme is included in the fermented food and raw food.

Softened are investigating When you not take the enzyme, it has been like not healthy Kiga. Green enzyme

Raise the metabolism

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Summer had been hovering around 57㎏, body weight, have increased enough this place 2 kg.
And once you mere say an increase of 2 kg it is of such to it, but even though momentum is increasing
and we feel concern about the place where it has increased.

If you say it and whether you are a momentum of how much every day, when you calories because we walk about 15000 steps
of about 400 calorie consumption, we walked about 10 km and to the distance.

From around it will be surprised, but usually of the thing as I am.
Rather, I because there is strength, rather than save up the energy in the body
I want to power a new energy always diverge.

And since it Kiga also Tour of the gas will be better by doing so.

The reason for weight came more recently is there to recall the point.
It is, that the more opportunities to go for a drink of liquor.

Previously it was drinking on a daily basis, also sake, here about six months if there is reason
was followed by a day when little drink.

But recently, and that came out is a change in the little life, because I live in a town that is much trouble crowded
and I thought I Na should be a little more development.

Drinking party of the recent report also serves to to invite the Toka friends meet after a long time.
It Is the pace of much recent week 1 but is not often go separately.

Since you are eating and drinking is not to worry too much, and of course is speaking for granted after all gaining weight.
I think I let you plan your body making you do not gain weight to eat now.

Teens of time, because the physique was good, the bust is large it was trouble. And I did not even layer of Nowadays elementary school, but it becomes a junior high school students, at the same time more and more as extending the height, chest also went larger.

I am ashamed, I did not go out to buy a bra quite yourself. read more "

Although the limbs or underarm, the part that is visible to the eye pay attention, I think many overlooked it is for facial hair. Are always exposed, it is the part where the people of the line-of-sight gather. Even downy hair that I think calm yourself, it might be conspicuous by reflecting the light

By placing the foundation, downy hair and a little unwanted hair will become easier regard to further eye. To say, or if it or remove it or shave every day, would become concerned that hair becomes thicker or darker. read more "

I went to Este time

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- That I went to Este time Umeda store the other day.

Honestly, it's not so much hear the name I Este time, I went to what is what wonder and I think counseling.

The location, 5 minutes from the Hankyu Umeda Station. Though I walk in the NU Chayamachi direction, there is a little it was the road from the main street

Shibata is the sixth floor of Grandville. To be honest impressions, most folksy in the beauty salon, which was carried out until now. read more "